The Excell Executive Leadership Exchange program brings together groups of company owners, presidents and CEOs to share and increase their knowledge and experience. We form and lead these peer mentor groups, providing our members with the setting and process for the exchange of experience, resources and solutions to their most challenging issues.

In a full-day meeting once each month, these executives of small and mid-sized companies serve as a “board of advisors” to work on each other’s most pressing business challenges. They also hear resource speakers address CEO-level management issues. Excell’s professional group leaders also support members with monthly one-to-one individual consultation. The setting is non-competitive, confidential and trust-based.

Members of Excell groups head a wide variety of companies ranging from about $3 million to $100 million in gross sales. Many are manufacturers and distributors, but we welcome service firms and retailers, too. Our hundreds of members have come from industries including high tech, transportation, truck building, insurance, finance, printing, metal stamping, plastics, food and beverage, importing, construction, and chemicals. The variety in every group provides a powerful cross-pollination of ideas and experience.

Excell has formed and managed CEO peer groups since 1988. We understand business leaders. We impact billions of dollars of commerce, and we have:

  • Performed over 20,000 hours of one-to-one consultations with chief decision-makers;
  • Conducted over 1,500 full-day meetings of CEO peer groups;
  • Developed tailored, real-time programs for each of those meetings, building a regional network of resources of particular value to CEOs;
  • And in support of individual consultations, provided thousands of support services to CEOs in the form of interventions, consultant referrals, focus groups, network meetings and information resources.

Excell currently has a major presence in the Pacific Northwest, and we are looking to grow. Visit our opportunities page to see what Excell has to offer.

““With the impact it’s had on my business, I can’t afford NOT to belong to Excell.””
Diana Rogers, President, Plastics Development, Inc.

“Fifteen years ago, I received one idea on refinancing a bank loan – it saved me far more money than the total cost of Excell over those years.”

Gary Coe, President, Speed’s Auto Group

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