When you join Excell, you have …

  • The strong support of your peers

You join a specific, unique group of ten to fourteen business leaders. All are CEOs, owners, presidents, or general managers of firms of similar size or stage of business growth. Bringing to the table a wide range of education and experience, they have in common an understanding of what it’s like to be “lonely at the top.” They are committed to personal and business growth and to helping each other. Meeting for a full day each month with the same group, members really get to know each others’ businesses and develop strong trust relationships.

For the largest part of their meeting days, members focus on each other. In rotation, one member presents a business and strategic plan – and gets honest, unbiased feedback. Members validate their plans before implementation, learn from others’ plans and are prompted to improve their own. They are encouraged to set goals and report regularly to the group for support in their accomplishment.

Then members lay on the table, and brainstorm, their most pressing business problems and opportunities. Always they find that others have “been there” and can contribute wonderful resources and solutions.

  • A deep resource pool

For part of their regular retreat day, members hear a resource presentation. Local and regional experts speak on subjects of immediate interest to members – real-time issues they must deal with today. Presentation help members build their skill base and keep up with the fast pace of change by covering new business developments, strategies and solutions. The speakers form a strong base of resources readily available to members.

  • Professional, individual attention

Members also meet one-to-one every month with their professional group Chair, who helps identify issues and apply ideas from their group and presentations. Always, the goal is to identify obstacles to growth and improvement, and to use the Excell program as the mechanism to remove them.

Hear what our members say!

Audio Testimonials

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“I can’t stress enough what it’s added to my peace of mind to be able to have a group of individuals that I know I can trust … I can say anything that needs to be said and they will give me an honest answer.”
Brian Andrews, CEO, High Tech Electronics

“No one really understands the issues you face other than other company presidents, like the peers I confide in, in Excell.”

Judy Fugelstad, President, Gem Top Manufacturing

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